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Question submitted: Are professional buyers any different than your typical RV consignment dealers? How are they different?
Answer: Yes, is a professional buyer. This is very different than your typical RV consignment dealer. RV consignment dealers do not buy vehicles. Their process is typically defined by an agreement between the RV seller and the consignment lot owner that the owner will house the vehicle/show the vehicle to potential buyers who come to their location. The lot owner will also walk the buyer through the purchasing process if they decide to buy. In exchange, the RV seller agrees to certain dealer fees as well as an overall consignment percentage that is due to the lot owner upon the sale of the vehicle. are also professionals, but we are not consignment dealers. Here’s the difference: When you contact, instead of discussing our terms and deciding upon how much we’ll be charging you to help you sell your recreational vehicle within a (typically open ended) period of time that averages 3-6 months in most cases, we offer to purchase your RV outright within the next 3 days. We offer a fair price according to current market value. We offer to handle all the paperwork including title transfer and any necessary bank payoffs. In fact, we insist upon it. We also offer to pick up the vehicle once the deal is completed. Funds to pay for the vehicle are delivered, as well.
The differences are obvious, but the advantages may still need to be pointed out. One major advantage is time. With your RV is sold in approximately 3 days. With a typical consignment process, your RV will probably take months to sell. The other advantage is financial. With your “costs” in relation to the RV stop within days of contacting us, because you are no longer the owner. When you agree to sell through a consignment lot, you are still responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle until a buyer decides to purchase. In most cases, the “profit” margin is also greater when working with a professional buyer like in comparison to a consignment RV lot. This is due to the fact that we don’t charge fees, and no one is taking a percentage of your sale price.
If you still aren’t clear, get in touch. We’re professionals here at, and as professionals we like to share our knowledge. So ask any question you’d like and we’ll either have the answer or find it for you.

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