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The Downside of RV Consignment Dallas Lots

May 7, 2012 12:00 pm Published by / Leave your thoughts

Before you place your recreational vehicle on the RV consignment Dallas lots, consider the downside of selling on the consign RV lot.

1.    Your RV will not be there alone. Most RV lots, particularly the RV consignment Dallas lots, will be packed with a host of vehicles. Competition will be fierce when a potential buyer arrives on the scene.

2.    You may not get full price for your vehicle. Depending upon the whims of the seller of the RVs you are competing with on the lot, you may have to reduce your asking price. If others on the lot have their vehicles listed below market value, you will need to reduce your asking price in order to attract buyers shopping on the lot.

3.    Consignment lots are not typically known for a “fast sale.” It is quite the opposite, in fact. The use of a consignment lot should only be considered feasible if the seller is able to wait months for the sale of the RV.

4.    The length of time your RV spends on the lot could vary, but we have already discussed that it usually takes months. In the mean time, any payments, maintenance and/or repairs are still your responsibility as the current owner.

Instead of messing around with the RV consignment Dallas lots and trying to keep your eye focused on the positive amongst the more obvious “downside” of consigning the RV, turn to SellMyRVToday.com.

SellMyRVToday.com offers a far more pleasurable experience for RV sellers. With us, you can get instant cash for your RV. We are a professional RV buyer. We buy RVs 2002 and newer (except fifth wheels). We handle all the title work and payoffs, as well as vehicle pickup after purchase. You are paid in certified funds. The entire process is completed within 1 to 3 days in most cases. It’s unique and it’s much more beneficial than the consignment lots out there. Consider it carefully before you decide how you are going to sell your RV.

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