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If you have an RV for sale in Florida, you might have it on an RV consignment Florida lot. We recommend considering the benefits of selling your recreational vehicle through instead. It's faster and easier which means it's simply better than the other options.

  •     We Buy RVs
  •     We're One of the Largest RV Buyers in the Country
  •     We Pay in Certified Funds
  •     We Pick up Vehicles Anywhere in the US Or Canada
  •     We're Fast - Most Transactions are Completed in 1 to 3 Days

We don't just help you sell your RV; we buy RVs. We're actually one of the leading RV buyers in the country. You benefit from our extensive experience and resources. Our knowledge on other topics may be lacking (for instance, we know nothing about fondue), but when it comes to the RV buying process, we can confidently say that no one knows more about it than we do.

We've put in the time and the effort to become experts on this one particular process so that you don't have to. When you sell your recreational vehicle to you don't have to worry about the transaction at all. We take care of everything. In addition to taking care of everything, we do it all extremely fast in comparison to Florida RV consignment lots. Most consignment RV lots can sell your RV, but they're going to need a few (or several) months to get the deal done. We need 1 to 3 days in most cases. It's true. That's how big the difference is between our average transaction and the time it takes a consignment dealer to close the deal.

We're not ripping on them. Finding a buyer takes time. That is, finding a buyer takes time unless you are the buyer. That's exactly what makes selling through so different. We are the buyer so when you contact us, the deal is in motion. On the other hand, if you're looking to make fondue tonight, you're going to have to call someone else.

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