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For an RV consignment, Dallas must be the place to live.  I’m a cheerleader coach here in the Dallas area, and I am very wrapped up in my career.  I do a lot of traveling, and I work long hours.  When the tryouts and/or the rehearsals get fast and furious, I can’t even get home most of the time.  I used to rent a hotel room, until I smartened up and purchased a motorhome that I can stay in while at the stadium.

Before long my lifestyle caught on, and my assistants started asking if they could stay with me in my RV so they wouldn’t have to drive home either.  This became more and more frequent, until I had to sell my RV and get into something bigger.  I did not have time to play around finding a buyer, so I looked for a Dallas RV consignment place, and you kept popping up on the Internet.  I called y’all at  I couldn’t believe that within three days I was holding my check in hand and shopping for a new, bigger motorhome.

Hopefully I won’t have to sell any more RVs for a while, but if I do, y’all are the ones I will call … every time!


Cheers From Dallas

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