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RV Consignment in Dallas and SellMyRVToday.com – No Comparison

If you’re attempting to compare RV consignment in Dallas with the SellMyRVToday.com process you might be having a hard time. A hard time finding any advantages to consignment, that is. All the advantages seem to be on the side of selling through the professional recreational vehicle buyers at SellMyRVToday.com.


RV consignment in Dallas does have some advantages. It allows RV owners to sell with the help of experienced professionals. It also allows RV owners to avoid the drama of selling by owner. It also decreases the amount of responsibility that falls on the shoulders of the actual RV seller/owner. The problem comes when RV sellers take the RV consignment in Dallas “advantages” and try to compare them with the advantages of selling directly to the professional buyers at SellMyRVToday.com.

When RV sellers work directly with the professional buyers at SellMyRVToday.com, they skip the middleman. In almost every instance, this means they will walk away with more cash. With SellMyRVToday.com there are no consignment percentages or lot fees to pay. Both typically apply when you work with an RV consignment lot. RV sellers also find that they have the added advantage of speed when they work with SellMyRVToday.com. While the consignment lot will help you sell your RV, their process typically takes weeks or even months to succeed in the endeavor. With SellMyRVToday.com, you’ll find that your RV is sold in record time. Most of our RV sales are completed within 1 to 3 days.

To put it simply, SellMyRVToday.com can be compared to RV consignment in Dallas, but there’s no competition. We’re faster. We allow RV sellers to maximize their potential profits. We take care of all the details of the sales process. In comparison, consignment lots charge substantial fees that decrease potential profits. They take a lot longer to sell the RV. They also require that RV sellers wade their way through a lot of overwhelming paperwork and contractual agreements solidifying their RV’s place on the lot. Come directly to SellMyRVToday.com. There’s no reason to mess around with unsatisfactory comparisons.

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